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Dental Bridge Specialist

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Does a missing tooth make you self-conscious about your smile? Are you afraid to open your mouth to laugh or speak because of a noticeable gap left by a missing tooth? The experienced professionals at Lake Forest Dental Center in Lake Forest, California, can replace your missing tooth with a dental bridge, giving you a seamless set of teeth. Book an appointment online or over the phone today and learn how you can get your smile back.

Dental Bridge Q & A

What are dental bridges?

A dental bridge is a permanent replacement for a missing tooth or teeth. The replacement tooth is attached to the natural teeth on either side of the gap. Bridges act like regular teeth, allowing you to brush and floss them just like your natural teeth. With bridges, you can talk and eat and feel comfortable doing all the things you would with natural teeth.

Why would I need a bridge?

If you have a missing tooth, the teeth outside of the gap can begin to loosen, tilt, or move into the empty space. This can ultimately impact your bite and cause problems for the teeth next to the gap and above it due to the stress placed on them.

Tilted teeth are also more difficult to keep clean, which can lead to decay in your remaining teeth. A dental bridge will hold your other teeth in place and help preserve them.

What is involved in a bridge procedure?

First, your experienced dentist at Lake Forest Dental Center takes a digital X-ray of your mouth to assess oral health. Then, your specialist prepares the teeth on either side of the gap by removing a small portion of their outer layer to create room for the necessary crowns.

An impression of your teeth and the gap is made and sent to a lab to create your bridge. Your dentist will give you a temporary bridge and crowns to protect your teeth in the meantime.

Your new bridge will include your new false tooth along with two crowns attached to either side. When your bridge arrives, your doctor will permanently attach it with a bonding material.

A bridge is a permanent and safe way to replace a missing tooth or teeth while also maintaining the health and placement of your natural teeth. The skilled dentists at Lake Forest Dental Center are experienced at providing patients with comfortable, natural-looking bridges in a relaxed environment. Book an appointment online or over the phone today to find out if a bridge is right for you.
If you have crooked teeth, spaces between your teeth, or an overbite or underbite, you need the expert services of Lake Forest Dental Center in Lake Forest, California. Their top-notch orthodontists and dentists can correct your dental problems and give you a perfect smile in one location. To get the smile you’ve always wanted, book an appointment online or over the phone today.